The Marriage Contract

The Wedding, The Marriage, The Marriage Contract.

Your big day is arriving and everyone is in a panic. Have the flowers been ordered, will the dress be ready on time, oh my gosh we forgot to order a cake! Well, of course you didn’t really but the thing with a marriage is – everyone gets carried away. There’s a lot to think about and to get excited about but there’s one thing you just cannot forget. A marriage contract

marriage contract is the formal agreement that is drawn up between the two people getting married, between you and your loved one. It is vital that you have a marriage contract, and it is vital that your marriage contract is drawn up by professionals. It is quick and easy to arrange, does not cost a lot of money and will see you through the good times and the bad times. A marriage contract will be filed away in your drawer and you probably won’t look at it for years, but if you need it, it’s there, it’s binding and it has your best interests at heart.

Executor Law are specialist attorneys in Johannesburg and you can contact them to draw up your marriage contract. A marriage contract, or an ante nuptial contract (ANC), is the very foundation of your future together. Janine Bredenkamp and her team will chat to you, tailor your ANC to suit your needs, take into account all of your assets and your investments, and will look after you both, fairly and equally.

While you ask Janine to draw up a contact for you, it’s a good opportunity to chat about both of your wills, deceased estate and any administration that you may have forgotten to think about with the big day looming.

By the way, a marriage contract must be entered into before the marriage. It needs to be drawn up and then registered with the deeds office. Let Executor Law, attorneys in Johannesburg, guide you all the way. They’re professional, efficient, easy to work with and have a fabulous reputation.

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Life is insanely busy and we all struggle to find time to get to the shops let alone get to our attorneys. And while we all prefer for people to come to our offices, Executor Law in Johannesburg will come and consult with you in your home, if need be.

So, what do we at Executor Law?

They handle deceased estates, wills, marriage contacts and conveyancing. Executor Law in Johannesburg has over twenty years’ experience, they are trustworthy and have an excellent reputation. They don’t only do work in Johannesburg, Janine Bredenkamp and her team have handled deceased estates, wills, marriage contracts and conveyancing all over South Africa.

Dealing with the death of a loved one is a trauma and winding up the estate should be done with a professional. Janine Bredenkamp and her team of attorneys in Johannesburg will help you do it professionally, empathetically and quickly. If you can’t get to them, they will come to you. It’s okay if it’s in a hospital, in hospice or at your home. All the staff are well trained and empathetic. They will offer you the best advice and ensure that everything is done fairly and equally.

  • Getting married? Sit with Executor Law and sort out your contract.
  • Buying a house? Sit with Executor Law and work out the nitty gritty.
  • Doing a will? Sit with Executor Law and they will give you the best advice.

Janine Bredenkamp and her team are professional, efficient, speedy and most of all – they’re good at what they do.

Give them a call and let them help you, your partner and your family get your affairs in order. And if you’re still unsure, look at their website and read the reviews online.

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