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Why Do I Need A Will?

Why should I take care of appointing the executor?

You only need a will if you are at all concerned about those close to you who are left behind and you have assets that you want to leave to them. After all, over and above their grief they will be saddled with finalising your financial affairs and the division and allocation of your assets (deceased estate). Dying without a will (known as “intestate”) may turn out to be a disastrous administrative mess that can take decades to resolve.

A will achieves at least two things: First, it determines who gets what in a deceased estate. The testator appoints his/her heirs. These may or may not be family members. Often a person forgets to change a will and the ex-spouse walks off with all. Often there is no will at all (intestate) and a live-in partner of 30 years gets nothing and a prodigal child gets it all. Moreover, an intestate death results in any money due to minors being paid to a state official (the Guardians Fund) for safekeeping, and the heirs are not selected by the testator but appointed in terms of antiquated legal rules.

Second, and most importantly, a will provides for the process whereby the division of the estate is to be managed – by the appointment of an executor. Countless numbers of people entrust this function to a financial institution. There they get a “free” will and are promised peace of mind. Only after the death of the testator do the unfortunate heirs discover that the financial institution has been appointed as the executor and the affairs of the deceased are now in the hands of a call-center. The call-center will charge 3.5 % of the gross value of the deceased estate and since the testator is deceased a different executor can no longer be appointed!

A “free” will is therefore not free. Moreover, the heirs can now brace themselves for years (sometimes decades) of acrimony and chaos as hours and days are spent trying to convince the call-center that (for instance) the indigent widow and children are in desperate need of cash and the estate is wealthy and cash-flush but all the bank accounts are frozen.

So, make a valid will, appoint your chosen heirs and, above all, appoint a specialist estates attorney as executor so that the process can be managed face to face dealing with a competent and sympathetic individual.

You may now realise why so many of our clients are bank officials.

How The Administration Of A Deceased Estate Works.

You might be dealing with the trauma of a family member’s death. On top of everything else you have to suddenly do, you also find out you have been appointed the executor of the deceased estate.

Many people do not understand how the administration of a deceased estate works. When somebody dies, a deceased estate comes into existence. There is a whole lot of admin that need to be dealt with, including reporting the death, getting the death certificate, dealing with Home Affairs, dealing with the Master of the High Court and then dealing with the Will and the assets of the deceased.

The executor of the deceased estate will usually be nominated in the deceased’s will. If no particular person or legal office has been nominated, then the closest family members can choose someone after death. And if the family do not appoint an executor then it is left to the Master of the High court to decide.

This is what you do not want. You do not want the courts and you do not want the banks to deal with the administration of a deceased estate.The process can be exceptionally slow and you will get bogged down and overwhelmed with unnecessary paperwork and phone calls, a lot of time and ultimately, a deceased estate that is not tied up professionally or fairly.

Having the right executor for a deceased estate is crucial. It is really important for you, or your loved ones, to appoint the right executor PRIOR to death or immediately in the event of death. Get your wills sorted out now and appoint professional people to handle it for you. This does not mean the bank, not the courts, but people who specialize in this kind of work. You need a professional who can handle all the legalities and can take care of everything for you under one roof, making the process simple, seamless and smooth.

  1. Executor Law are attorneys in Johannesburg who do exactly this. Have a look at their website, read the reviews and get testimonials from current clients. Janine and her team have your best interests at heart. It’s a good time to get your admin in order.

Deceased Estates – Intestate Estate

What happens if someone dies without a will?

This means that your loved one died intestate and there are legal rules that have to be followed. But before anything can be done an executor needs to be appointed. Executor Law/J Bredenkamp Inc are the specialists in administering deceased estates professionally with integrity and compassion.

Executor Law / J Bredenkamp Inc are available to administer estates. No financial organisation will give better service at a lower cost. You will never hear –” you are caller number 9…” from an impersonal call centre while you wait to be assisted.

We will obtain the letters of executorship for you quickly and efficiently. We go to the Masters office daily. We will assist you by doing all the work. We are attorneys, conveyancers and notaries, so we can do everything for you such as placing the adverts, liaising with the banks, insurance companies, SARS and many more. We will obtain all the consents from the Master’s office and will transfer any properties. We will attend to every step in the administration of a deceased estate for you.

In short, we assist you with all your needs from advice on funeral services, assistance with loss and grief, death and finances,inheritance tax,estate duty tax and much more.

Don’t delay, call or e-mail us now and ask for Janine Bredenkamp, info@jbattorneys.co.za or call 079 394 2574.

Deceased Estates

No one teaches you how to deal with a Deceased Estate when you loved ones pass away. You are already in shock after receiving a dreaded call are being there while you watched your loved one pass on. Deceased Estate attorneys like Executor Law are here to hold your hand through the process. There is a huge amount of emotional distress that comes with a deceased estate and our team at Executor law will hold your hand through the whole process.

From the minute you are told you are the executor of the deceased estate and that you have nominated as an executor in a will we will guide you with the whole process.

Janine Bredenkamp and the Executor Law team make sure that you never feel alone, overwhelmed, and stressed by deceased estate administration, with our compassionate approach to everything we do you can count on us to administer the estate for you

ExecutorLaw/J Bredenkamp Inc will complete all the forms necessary to obtain the Letters of Executorship from the master’s office for you. Our team visit the master’s office daily to make the process move as quickly as possible. ExecutorLaw/J Bredenkamp Inc will also place the required adverts, liaise with all institutions that form part for a deceased estate such as banks, insurance companies and SARS.

We are conveyancers and notaries, so we can do every step in the administration of a deceased estate.

Don’t delay, call or e-mail us now and ask for Janine Bredenkamp, info@jbattorneys.co.za or call 079 394 2574.

Attorneys In Johannesburg

Life is insanely busy and we all struggle to find time to get to the shops let alone get to our attorneys. And while we all prefer for people to come to our offices, Executor Law in Johannesburg will come and consult with you in your home, if need be.

So, what do we at Executor Law?

They handle deceased estates, wills, marriage contacts and conveyancing. Executor Law in Johannesburg has over twenty years’ experience, they are trustworthy and have an excellent reputation. They don’t only do work in Johannesburg, Janine Bredenkamp and her team have handled deceased estates, wills, marriage contracts and conveyancing all over South Africa.

Dealing with the death of a loved one is a trauma and winding up the estate should be done with a professional. Janine Bredenkamp and her team of attorneys in Johannesburg will help you do it professionally, empathetically and quickly. If you can’t get to them, they will come to you. It’s okay if it’s in a hospital, in hospice or at your home. All the staff are well trained and empathetic. They will offer you the best advice and ensure that everything is done fairly and equally.

  • Getting married? Sit with Executor Law and sort out your contract.
  • Buying a house? Sit with Executor Law and work out the nitty gritty.
  • Doing a will? Sit with Executor Law and they will give you the best advice.

Janine Bredenkamp and her team are professional, efficient, speedy and most of all – they’re good at what they do.

Give them a call and let them help you, your partner and your family get your affairs in order. And if you’re still unsure, look at their website and read the reviews online.

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