No one teaches you how to deal with a Deceased Estate when you loved ones pass away. You are already in shock after receiving a dreaded call are being there while you watched your loved one pass on. Deceased Estate attorneys like Executor Law are here to hold your hand through the process. There is a huge amount of emotional distress that comes with a deceased estate and our team at Executor law will hold your hand through the whole process.

From the minute you are told you are the executor of the deceased estate and that you have nominated as an executor in a will we will guide you with the whole process.

Janine Bredenkamp and the Executor Law team make sure that you never feel alone, overwhelmed, and stressed by deceased estate administration, with our compassionate approach to everything we do you can count on us to administer the estate for you

ExecutorLaw/J Bredenkamp Inc will complete all the forms necessary to obtain the Letters of Executorship from the master’s office for you. Our team visit the master’s office daily to make the process move as quickly as possible. ExecutorLaw/J Bredenkamp Inc will also place the required adverts, liaise with all institutions that form part for a deceased estate such as banks, insurance companies and SARS.

We are conveyancers and notaries, so we can do every step in the administration of a deceased estate.

Don’t delay, call or e-mail us now and ask for Janine Bredenkamp, info@jbattorneys.co.za or call 079 394 2574.

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