How The Administration Of A Deceased Estate Works

You might be dealing with the trauma of a family member’s death. On top of everything else you have to suddenly do, you also find out you have been appointed the executor of the deceased estate.

Many people do not understand how the administration of a deceased estate works. When somebody dies, a deceased estate comes into existence. There is a whole lot of admin that need to be dealt with, including reporting the death, getting the death certificate, dealing with Home Affairs, dealing with the Master of the High Court and then dealing with the Will and the assets of the deceased.

The executor of the deceased estate will usually be nominated in the deceased’s will. If no particular person or legal office has been nominated, then the closest family members can choose someone after death. And if the family do not appoint an executor then it is left to the Master of the High court to decide.

This is what you do not want. You do not want the courts and you do not want the banks to deal with the administration of a deceased estate. The process can be exceptionally slow and you will get bogged down and overwhelmed with unnecessary paperwork and phone calls, a lot of time and ultimately, a deceased estate that is not tied up professionally or fairly.

Having the right executor for a deceased estate is crucial. It is really important for you, or your loved ones, to appoint the right executor PRIOR to death or immediately in the event of death. Get your wills sorted out now and appoint professional people to handle it for you. This does not mean the bank, not the courts, but people who specialize in this kind of work. You need a professional who can handle all the legalities and can take care of everything for you under one roof, making the process simple, seamless and smooth.

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