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With over 25 years’ experience in transferring homes and registering bonds, Executor Law - J. Bredenkamp Inc. helps you complete one of the biggest financial transactions you will ever get involved in. Give your property the personal, professional transfer it deserves.

Deceased Estates Administration

You need a skilled professional with the expertise to complete the administration of the deceased’s estate in a quick and compassionate manner. Executor Law - J. Bredenkamp Inc will help you deal with all the legal and financial consequences within the complexity of a deceased estate that you need taken care of.

Drafting of Wills

Drafting a will might not be as simple as it seems. Executor Law - J. Bredenkamp Inc. has the legal know-how to help you avoid mistakes, reduce taxes, and maximise your family’s financial benefits. We advise you on selecting guardian’s and trustees.

Marriage Contracts

Have you considered how your marital regime might affect your life? You need a marriage contract before you get married, or you could be exposed to financial risks. We will advise you on which marriage regime best suits your unique lifestyle..

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