Deceased Estate
These days, with the rising cost of living in South Africa, we’re all looking for a good deal. Often, deceased estates are an ideal option. Those of you interested in deceased estates should keep in mind that it can easily be a lengthy and complicated process. What to Keep in Mind When Buying Property from […]
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You might be dealing with the trauma of a family member’s death. On top of everything else you have to suddenly do, you also find out you have been appointed the executor of the deceased estate. Many people do not understand how the administration of a deceased estate works. When somebody dies, a deceased estate comes into existence. […]
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Marriage Contracts
You are getting married! This is such an exciting time in anyone’s life, and with your whole future to look forward to it’s hard to think that anything could ever go wrong. Discussing marriage contracts can be incredibly stressful, but if you are clear and upfront about things before you get married it makes things […]
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A valid will has to be in writing, requires each page to be initialed on each page and signed at the end, in the presence of two adult witnesses who must see one another initial and sign. A witness to a valid will may not be an heir. You can do your own will but […]
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Renting vs Buying
Are you currently paying more to rent a house than your bond would be in your purchased a house or flat? Maybe it is time to consider buying a house, or atleast working towards it. Interest rates are currently at a record low which has lead to a number of people being able to step […]
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