Deceased Estate
These days, with the rising cost of living in South Africa, we’re all looking for a good deal. Often, deceased estates are an ideal option. Those of you interested in deceased estates should keep in mind that it can easily be a lengthy and complicated process. What to Keep in Mind When Buying Property from […]
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Renting vs Buying
Are you currently paying more to rent a house than your bond would be in your purchased a house or flat? Maybe it is time to consider buying a house, or atleast working towards it. Interest rates are currently at a record low which has lead to a number of people being able to step […]
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One of the most exciting things that you will ever do in your life is to buy a house. If it’s your first house you are going to go through a series of emotions. You’ll be delighted when you find the right house, you’ll negotiate with the estate agent, there’ll be phone calls backwards and […]
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